Patricia Spencer

Patricia SpencerPatricia Spencer enjoys a career full of historic highlights: her highly acclaimed New York premiere of the Elliott Carter flute concerto; her acclaimed U.S. premiere of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Kathinkas Gesang als Luzifers Requiem (staged scene for solo flute and electronic sounds); her Chinese premiere of Ge Gan-ru’s flute concerto, Fairy Lady “Meng Jiang”; her world premiere of Shulamit Ran’s flute concerto, Voices—the list goes on and on. Solo CDs on the Neuma label, and countless chamber music CDs with the Da Capo Chamber Players. Dozens of composers have written flute works for her, and the Da Capo ensemble boasts of more than 150 chamber music pieces written for them. About the Elliott Carter Flute Concerto: “Ms. Spencer’s impressive performance had all the ‘beautiful qualities’ and ‘extraordinary agility’ Mr. Carter could have asked for” (Anthony Tommasini, New York Times).