Erika Switzer

“Erika Switzer is one of the best collaborative pianists I have ever heard; her sound is deep, her interpretation intelligent, refined, and captivating.” – Le Monde

“… precise and lucid” – New York Times

” Switzer is an extremely expressive pianist with a face that emotes just as often and as effectively as the vocalists. I was sitting there this evening thinking that she is the epitome of the term “collaborative pianist”. She contributed to every performance in such a way that the evening would be dramatically altered had she not been there encouraging, supporting, and listening to each performer at every note. Switzer was an absolute star, albeit a humble star, on the stage this evening.” – Chamberfest Blog
“Erika Switzer definitely doesn’t believe Song Interpretation to be a decorative accompaniment; rather, as an independent, commentating voice, which she plays with specificity and well-accentuated phrasing. Musically on one wavelength, the duo produced captivating and addictive music.” – Westfalen-Blatt