The Music Program at Bard

The richness and breadth of musical opportunities on campus
make Bard College distinctive from other liberal arts colleges.
There are multiple ways to study music at Bard; they center
around the undergraduate Music Program and The Bard College
Conservatory of Music, which also offers graduate programs.
One doesn’t have to be a music major, however, to be actively
involved in music at Bard.

For more information about the double-degree program or graduate
programs in the Bard College Conservatory of Music,
please vist their homepage.

The B.A. Program

All undergraduate programs at Bard, including the Music Program, result in a B.A. degree. The Conservatory is a five-year program resulting in a dual degree: a B.M. in music performance or composition and a B.A. in a field other than music. Admission to the Conservatory requires a separate application and an audition.

Due to its diverse array of programming, there is no audition process for the Bard Music Program.