Guidelines for Recital Programs and Translations

Here are a few guidelines for recital programs and translation documents for Moderation and Senior projects. We do not have a set format, but we encourage you to create programs that look professional and are ultimately easy to read and follow as an audience member.

A few suggestions:

  • As a general rule, the layout should be clear, concise, easy to read, and look as clean and professional as possible.
  • Find a way to separate groups of songs so that there isn’t applause between every single piece.
  • Make sure that you are using a font that is large enough to be easily read by older eyes!
  • Artwork is fine (please limit your personal photos to the cover page) but just make sure that any artwork or decoration that you include is minimal so as not to distract from the content (and context) of the recital. Any artwork or decoration should enhance the program and relate to the context of the pieces presented.
  • For translation pages, make sure that you are lining up your text and the translation side by side (see examples). A separate document for translations is preferred so that you can use a larger font and control page breaks. These breaks should fall only between pieces, so that the audience rustle their pages as little as possible during a song or aria.

Please refer to the sample programs linked below for reference. You may use these templates or create something similar.

Click here to view a sample program.

Click here to view a sample template for texts and translations.

Click here to view a sample student recital program template.

Click here to view a sample Voice Department one page recital program template.