Music Program Resources

Procedures for booking moderation and senior concerts:

We are asking that all music students planning a Moderation or Senior Concert this semester, be prepared to meet individually with the Music Department Administrator James Mongan for approximately 15 minutes in order to list their faculty board members, schedule their concert date, concert venue, and clarify their production/recording needs and fill out two brief information forms.

The deadline for booking all moderation and senior concerts is Friday, September 28th.

Procedures for booking a moderation or senior concert:

To book the moderation or senior concert she/he must have the following information ready:

1. The names of 3 faculty members who have agreed to attend the concert and also the board. They can all be Music Faculty, including Adjunct Faculty or one board member can be from another department. You must have the faculty members agree upon the date and time before booking the concert and we can hold only one alternate date. Tom Mark will have an instrumentation chart and form for you to fill out as well.

2. The period during which you, the student, intend to present the concert. All student concerts will be scheduled for the fall semester by Friday, September 28th. Again, you need to have the date, time, three faculty members both previously informed and agree upon. You will only be able to hold two potential dates, as holding multiple dates complicates everyone’s scheduling.

3. The instrumentation, number of musicians, type of music and length of the performance.
(Moderation concerts should be 30-40 minutes in length and Senior concerts about 60 minutes.) You will be asked to fill out a form with this information and have a stage plan for Tom Mark, so he can make arrangements for the appropriate recording equipment for your concert. In this way we also hope to avoid the chaos that comes from having back-to-back concerts in the same space with very complicated setups.

4. The musical instruments and/or equipment, including drum sets, amplifiers and PA that you need the Music Department to provide. Advanced notice is necessary since this equipment is also used for classes or may be scheduled for another concert and you should not assume it would be available unless you make arrangements in advance. Tom Mark will advise you on equipment availability.

5. The date and time you are proposing to meet with your Board during Completion Week.
When the proposed times and dates for your concert and board are settled, James will immediately send emails out to you and your board members asking everyone to agree to dates/times for both the concert and the board. When replies are received and dates are agreed upon, James will send out a confirmation email to you, your board members and Tom Mark. Everyone involved should have their concert/board schedules in place and confirmed before Friday, September 28th.

If a student feels unable to keep to this schedule she/he should consult with her/his advisor and James Mongan to make other arrangements.